Monday, February 27, 2012

Honolulu 2012

a busy yet enjoyable week in Honolulu working on a team webcast for WOTC: Magic The Gathering Pro Tour

the set
Citizens John Meloy & Kris Dahl

Most of these pictures were taken over a 24 hour period 1600 Feb 13 to 1800 Feb 14, 2012


in regards to the "oil" pictures, those are from the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor.  There is apparently tens of thousands of gallons of fuel oil still in the wreck of the USS Arizona, along with a good number of the 1,200 crew members who died that day.  The oil seeps like ghosts from the wreck, suddenly appearing on the surface and then quickly dissipating.  The USS Arizona memorial is an unsettling and somber place.  You can tangibly feel the weight of history here.

Captain "Big-E" of the KepoiKai II